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Clients engage Power Consulting and Search on a retained, exclusive or contingency basis to recruit professionals for positions that they are unable to find the right talent.

Clients may not have an in-house Human Resources Department (HR) or their HR department does not currently have the knowledge and expertise of the best hiring practices to source for a particular open position. Time and resources to recruit are not available or the person is still in the role and a confidential search is required are other reasons to outsource the search. The client recognizes that it is best to subcontract this function to a specialist saving time and money leaving their personnel to be more effective in the business.

Using a search agency, recruiting agency or "headhunters" as some clients refer to us as, definitely saves the client time and money.

Headhunters are different to recruiters who typically place an advertisement and wait for a response. Headhunters are more aggressive in their networking patterns of behavior and target talent in an organization that the client is looking for. This may be a competitor of the client that is being represented. In order to attract a conversation with this candidate about a new opportunity, a creative search and networking method is adopted to build those relationships and subsequently a large network of professionals is developed.

These proven candidates will give an organization a greater power in business should they be hired. The ability to build these relationships is another point of differentiation for PCS.

Quality candidates want to be represented by quality Executive Search Consultants which PCS provides.
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POWER CONSULTING AND SEARCH is a National Consulting & Executive Search Firm servicing companies in Texas and their National Locations.
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